The Non-Preterist Historicalism of John Calvin and the Westminster Standards

"As that message was sad and melancholy — he again recalls the prophet to one year, and two years, and six months…. The Spirit therefore exhorts believers to prepare themselves for the exercise of patience not only for a single year — that is, for a long period — but to lay their account with enduring tribulations through an uninterrupted succession of many ages….

"He had formerly used this form of expression: The calamity of the Church shall last through a time, times, and half a time. Daniel 7:25. But now [in Daniel 12:7] he reckons the period of three years and six months by days — that believers may be more and more hardened by a very long continuance of calamities. For it is customary with men in adversity to compute time not by years or months but by days — a single day being, in their estimation, equal to a year. He says that those will be happy, who bear up to the end of that period" — viz. A.D. 1405, alias the beginning of the Protestant Reformation under the Wycliffite Huss!