The Non-Preterist Historicalism of John Calvin and the Westminster Standards

AAs to the true Church, we believe that it should be governed according to the order established by our Lord Jesus Christ….  There should be pastors, overseers, and deacons – so that true doctrine may have its course; that errors may be corrected and suppressed and the poor and all who are in affliction may be helped in their necessities; and that assemblies may be held in the Name of God, so that great and small may be edified. 

The anti-preteristic Preamble to the Canons of Dordt

States the Preamble to the Canons of Dordt: AThe good Shepherd, Who loves His flock for which He laid down His life with the greatest perseverence, constantly held back the rage of its persecutors at the right time and frequently bridled it with His outstretched hand in a wonderful way.   He also uncovered and destroyed the crooked paths and deceptive counsels of the seducers…..