The Protestant Reformation on Sabbath-Keeping

"Every seventh day has been especially selected for the purpose of supplying what was wanting in daily meditation. First, God rested; then He blessed this rest, so that in all ages it might be held sacred among men…. This is to be the common employment not of one age or people only, but of all men…. The Sabbath was a figure of this rest…. It was commanded to men from the beginning, so that they might employ themselves in the worship of God. It is right that it should continue to the end of the world."9

– 3 –

"I do not doubt but that God created the world in six days and rested on the seventh, so that He might give a manifestation of the perfect excellency of His works…. Thus, proposing Himself as the model for our imitation, He signifies that He calls His own people to the true goal of felicity…. Certainly God took the seventh day for His own, and hallowed it when the creation of the world was finished — so that He might keep His servants altogether free from every care for the consideration of the beauty, excellence and fitness of His works….