The Roots and Fruits of Islam

"The Bible does not agree with this argument, and draws a clear line in the sand. Righteousness and strength, justification and salvation — are to be found only in the name of the God of Israel (Isa.45:23-25).

"From the Bible’s perspective, a false god is a demon, and he who follows a false god engages in idolatry and participates in counterfeit worship.   So the question must be asked: is the name of Allah an interchangeable name for the One True God, or is Allah in fact a demonic spirit?"   Thus Avner Boskey

Specifically on the Arabic Pre-Islamitic  ‘moon-goddess’ — the following from the Historians' History of the World (The Times, London, 1908, VIII:100f):   The +/- 400 B.C. "Herodotus…says ‘The Arabs…worship two gods — Dionysus whom they call Urotal, and Urania whom they call Alilat’….   Abiyate…and the worshippers of Ishtar was defeated in 645 B.C….  That the tribes of the desert should pay particular reverence to the stars, cannot occasion much wonder.   With the refreshing dews of night came not only Venus and the moon ….