The Roots and Fruits of Islam

"To anything which We have willed, We but say [to] the world: ‘Be!’ – and it is…. "It is He Who gives life and death; and when He decides upon an affair, He says to it ‘Be!’ — and

– 6 –

it is."

         (4) creation’s goal – Qur’an 15:85;16:3;22:14; 44:38f; 45:22; 46:19 (cf. Rev. 4:11). "We created not the heavens, the earth, and all between them – but for just ends.   And the hour is surely coming (when this will be manifest)….

"He has created the heavens and the earth for just ends….    God will admit those who believe and work righteous deeds, to Gardens beneath which rivers flow.   For God carries out all that He plans….