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Rev. Prof. Dr. F.N. Lee

What About Baptism? – A Biblical Discussion Between Billy Baptist and Peter Presbyterian

All this is not merely the view of Calvin and of the Reformed Con-fessions and of great theologians, such as: Beza, Ursinus, John à Lasco, Voetius, James Buchanan, W.G.T. Shedd, A. Kuyper Sr. & Jr., H.H. Kuyper,, N.L. Walker, B.B. Warfield, Herman Bavinck, P.Ch. Marcel,  Berkouwer and John Murray.49   More importantly, it is the view of Scripture too!45

B.: Do you mean to tell me that all the parents who have come and presented their babies for baptism in the Presbyterian Church are automatically true Christians, and that their thus baptized children shall certainly be saved?

P.: Inasmuch as God solemnly promises to be the God of the believers and of their seed after them, it is only ingratitude and lack of a sufficient degree of faith which makes some parents falter at this point.50 Here I believe we should be guided by the outward profession of faith and overt behaviour of the parents and their children.

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