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What About Baptism? – A Biblical Discussion Between Billy Baptist and Peter Presbyterian

After all, the infantly circumcised Isaac and Jacob and Joshua later promised that they and their children would serve the Lord.   But the infantly circumcised Esau and Korah and the adultly circumcised Ishmael and their children all later apostasized and were therefore not truly saved. Such cases will unfortunately always be with us, right down to the final coming of Christ.   But you

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Baptists too have the same problem.   Unless you would maintain that all those baptized in your Church are necessarily saved.   But thats not your position. is it?

B.: No indeed!   I must admit that we Baptists too have our Jshmaels and our Judases and our Demases.   But tell me, dont Presbyterians believe that baptism is essential for the salvation of children — and that the baptismal waters wash away their sins?

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