What Does the Book of Revelation Mean?


means to bring into the fellowship of His Kingdom in their own land)….   Both the Turkish and Popish party do together join, using their utmost forces (and together with them all opposite kings of the whole World) against the Christians, both of the east and west — who, when the Jews are come in and converted [Romans 11:25f] do make up a mighty party in the World…. 

     "The 18th chapter sings a funeral song of triumph for the [Romish and Islamic] whore’s ruin….   After this, comes in Christ’s Kingdom….   This new Kingdom of His shall be made up…of eastern Christians who endured the bondage of the two woe-trumpets, the Saracens and the Turks, yet continuing to profess His Name….   It is made up of western Christians…who, therefore, after the rejection of the whore (chapter 19:1-9), are brought in singing in like triumphant manner….   It is also to be made up of Jews — dispersed both east and west….With whom come in, as attendants of their joy, other Gentiles too who never had received Christ before.   ‘The glory of the Gentiles’ is said to be brought into it [Revelation 21:26].