What Does the Book of Revelation Mean?

     Here, Calvin comments: "This work of redemption shall be so splendid and illustrious — that the whole World shall…praise and celebrate….   Struck with fear, it shall render glory to God….   He means the conversion of the Gentiles….   Even to the utmost boundaries of the Earth, the Name of God shall be revered and honoured, so that the Gentiles shall not only tremble but shall serve and adore Him with true repentance…. 

     "'A Redeemer shall come to Zion' [Isaiah 59:20]….   Paul quotes this passage (Romans 11:26-29), to show that there is still some remaining hope among the Jews….   Because God is continually mindful of His Covenant, and ‘His gifts and calling are without repentance’ — Paul justly concludes that it is impossible that there shall not at length be some remnant that come to Christ and obtain that salvation….   The Jews [too] must at length be collected, along with the Gentiles — so that out of both, 'there may be one fold' under Christ (John 10:16)….   He could not be the Redeemer of the World without belonging   to…Jews!"