What Penalty for Child-Molesting and Rape?

After the institution of the death penalty for crimes, subsequent to man’s exodus from the ark, God after the tower of Babel spread Noah’s descendants not just among Abraham’s kin in Ur  but also among the rest of the Noachites the world over.   Today too, it is interesting to see how many crimes are still regarded as capital also among those descendants among the Heathen.

As the Hastings’ Encyclopaedia of Religion and Ethics observes,5 "capital punishment…as a rule is meted out in most tribes for one or other of such crimes as sorcery, murder, incest, treason, sacrilege, adultery, and theft….   No known tribe, however low and ferocious, has ever admitted that men may kill one another indiscriminately….   Proprietary rights [such as one’s sexual integrity] are recognized by all savage tribes….   All of them punish" such transgressions.