The Works of

Rev. Prof. Dr. F.N. Lee

Who is “The (Arch)angel of the Lord”?


Sodomites [Genesis 18:2-33 & 19:1-27]; and again when He becomes visible and directs Jacob on his journey [Genesis 31:11 & 32:24-30] — and speaks with Moses from the bush [Exodus 3:2-4].”

Too, Tertullian stated something similar in his Against Marcion (III:9:1).   “Christ…did Himself…appear to Abraham.” Genesis 18:2 to 19:27.

Further, the Greek Father Eusebius in his Church History I:2:1-13 remarked: “The Lord God…appeared as a common man to Abraham while he was sitting at the oak of Mamre [Genesis 18:1f].   And he, immediately falling down, although he saw a man with his eyes, nevertheless worshipped Him as God…and confessed that he was not ignorant of His identity when he uttered the words: ‘Lord, the Judge of all the earth, will You not execute righteous judgment?’ [Genesis 18:25].”

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