Who is “The (Arch)angel of the Lord”?

So too in the Early Church’s writing The Passing of Mary (8).   There, "the Lord delivered the soul of Mary to Michael Who was the Ruler of Paradise — and the Prince of the nation of the Jews" (cf. Daniel 10:21 & 12:1).

Also Irenaeus observed in his Against Heresies IV:10:1 regarding Moses that "the Son of God is implanted everywhere throughout his writings.   At one time, indeed, speaking with Abraham when about to eat with him; at another time…bringing down judgment upon the


Sodomites [Genesis 18:2-33 & 19:1-27]; and again when He becomes visible and directs Jacob on his journey [Genesis 31:11 & 32:24-30] — and speaks with Moses from the bush [Exodus 3:2-4]."