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Rev. Prof. Dr. F.N. Lee

Women and Church Eldership

Consequently, it follows that also Evangelist Philip’s four “prophesying” virgin daughters doubtlessly exercised their prophetic gift. in the manner just described* — and possibly even only at home. Acts 21:8-9. We are never told they had been ordained as ‘Prophets’— nor that they prophesied publically.

To the contrary, as Rev. Dr. John Owen rightly comments: “It is not said that they were ‘prophetesses'” but only that these four daughters of Evangelist Philip were ‘prophesying’ virgins (thugateres tessares parthenoi propheetousai). We are NOT told that they ‘were prophets’ (or propheetai eesan) as e.g. in the case of those mentioned in Eph. 4.11. Nor are we even told that they ‘were prophetesses’ (or propheetides eesan) as e.g. in Luke 2:36. Nor are we told “they began to prophesy” (or propheeteuon) — as did those described in Acts 19:6.

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