Women and Church Eldership

Moreover, Mary the mother of Jesus gladly accepted the slander of evil men in exchange for the great privilege of bearing the Saviour in her own body. Luke 2:34-38 & John 8:18-42. Too, Mary Magdalene and Johanna and Susanna and many other women "ministered" to the Lord Jesus with their possessions and through their services — both during His lifetime and after His death. Luke 8:2-3 & 23:56 to 24:10. Both the female tentmaker Priscilla and the wealthy businesswoman Lydia placed their homes at the disposal of Paul and other preachers. Acts 16:14,15,40 & 18:2-26. And Timothy's mother Eunice and grandmother Lois gave that dedicated preacher his first infant groundings in the God-breathed Scriptures which they themselves had absorbed. II Tim. 1:5 & 3:14-17 cf, I Tim, 2:15 & Tit, 2:4-5.