The Works of

Rev. Prof. Dr. F.N. Lee

Women and Church Eldership

Later, the Apostle John — also under divine inspiration — rebuked the congregation of Thyatira in the Presbytery of Asia Minor for allowing the self-styled ‘prophetess’ (sic) Jezebel to TEACH as well as to mislead even Christ’s own servants. Rev. 2:20. Indeed, if anyone adds the acceptability of ‘Women Preachers’ to the text of that Book of Revelation (22:18) — God will add to that person the plagues that are written about in that Book.

Recently, many of the false-prophets and false-prophetesses of our own day — who start off by boldly demanding that the Eldership and the Preaching Ministry be opened up for women — soon end up by demanding also that God be referred to not only as “Our Father” and “He” but more significantly even as “our Mother” and “She.” Cf. the Emswilers’ book Women and Worship: A Guide to Non-Sexist Hymns. Prayers. and Liturgies (New York, Harper & Row, 1974, pp. 81-84). Well may one wonder just how long it will be before it is further demanded that Christ Himself should at least sometimes be referred to as God’s Only-begotten DAUGHTER. Indeed, some feminist “theologians” even now wear crucifixes with their naked Saviouress Christa idolatrously draped around their necks.

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