Daily Devotions

Jesus gives eternal life, and nobody can take it away!

John 10:27-29

‘My sheep hear My Voice…; I know them; and they follow Me! And I give to them eternal life! And they shall never perish; neither shall anybody pluck them out of My hand!’ John 10:27-28.

Calvin comments: “They (that) are not sheep…, do not obey the Gospel…. God effectually calls (only) those whom He has elected…. Believers are called ‘sheep’ — because they surrender themselves to God…. (They,) putting aside their first fierceness, become leadable and meek…. Christ…has His sheep whom He knows, and by whom He also is known. They must do their utmost to bring the whole world into Christ’s fold…. When they do not succeed as they…wish, they must be satisfied…that those who are sheep — will be collected together by their work….

“‘They shall never perish!’… Christ bids us be sure and untroubled — when we are brought by faith into His fold…. He will be the faithful Guardian of our salvation. For He says that it is ‘in His hand!’…. This is a remarkable passage, teaching us that the salvation of all the elect is as certain as God’s power is invincible! And Christ was not just tossing this word thoughtlessly into the air, but giving a promise which should remain deeply fixed in their minds.

“Christ’s saying indicates that the elect are firmly certain of their salvation. We are surrounded by powerful enemies; and so great is our weakness that we are not far from death every moment. But He Who keeps what we have committed unto Him, is ‘greater’ and more powerful ‘than all.’ And so we have nothing to be afraid of, as if our life were in danger…. Christ teaches His followers…to remember that in this world they are…in the middle of a forest among innumerable robbers…. What is more, (they) are not only unarmed and exposed as a prey, but know that the cause of death lies within themselves — so that they can only walk safely when relying on the protection of God.

“Our salvation is certain, because it is in the hand of God. Our faith is weak, and we are given to wavering. But God has taken us into His hand, and is powerful enough to scatter…all…our enemies…. Look at this, so that fear of temptations may not dismay us!… Christ also meant to show how the sheep live quietly in the midst of wolves…. ‘No one is able to snatch them out of the Father’s hand!’… From the invincible power of God, Christ deduces that the salvation of the godly is not exposed to their enemies’ desires — because God…would first have to be overcome!”

Calvin also says in his Institutes III:22:7 & 11:10: “Not one of those whom Christ has once ingrafted into His Body, will He ever permit to perish!… In securing their salvation, He will perform what He had promised…. The Lord declares that our salvation will always be sure and certain…, because it is guarded by the invincible power of God (John 10:28-29).”

Calvin further states in his Treatises III:135-36: “The Father Who has placed us under the protection and faith of His Son, is greater than all. The Son will not allow anything to be lost! (John 6:39 & 10:28). These things are said, so that all who are the sons of God may trust in such a Guardian of their salvation — and feel safe in the midst of danger!” Jesus gives eternal life — and nobody can take it away! Do you yet have that life?