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Rev. Prof. Dr. F.N. Lee

25 June

The path of the just keeps on shining more and more!

Proverbs 4:18-22

‘Get Wisdom!… Wisdom is the Principal Thing; therefore, get Wisdom!… I have taught you in the way of Wisdom; I have led you in right paths!… The path of the just, is like the Shining Light That shines more and more, till the perfect Day! The way of the wicked is like darkness! My son, give attention to My words!… Let them not depart from your eyes! Keep them in the midst …

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Rev. Prof. Dr Francis Nigel Lee

Dr Francis Nigel Lee was born in 1934 in the Westmorland County of Cumbria (in Great Britain). He was the great-grandson of a fiery preacher whose family disintegrated when he backslid. Though Dr Lee’s father was an Atheist, he married a Roman Catholic, who raised her son in that faith.

At the onset of the Second World War, Dr Lee’s father was appointed by the Royal Navy as Chief Radar Officer (South Atlantic). So the family then moved to South Africa. There, Dr Lee became a Calvinist, had the great joy of leading both of his parents to Christ and became Minister of God’s Word and Sacraments in the Reformed Church of Natal.