The Works of

Rev. Prof. Dr. F.N. Lee

2 March

Man’s days are determined, and his months are with God

Job 14:5

Man…is of few days…and is cut down…. His days are determined. The number of his months are with You!’ Job 14:5.

In his Institutes I:16:9, Calvin remarks: “Let us suppose…a merchant…falls into a den of robbers, and is murdered. His death was not only foreseen by the eye of God, but had been fixed by His decree. For it is said not that He foresaw how far the life of each individual should extend, but that He determined and fixed the bounds which could not be passed (Job 14:5)!”

Man’s day are all determined. Not by man himself, but by God. In fact, pre-determined! For it is with God that the number of man’s months are. Even the month of his death, is pre-determined.

So too, also man’s physical boundaries — both locally, and nationally. Man cannot pass over any of the boundaries of days or months. Nor can he at will ignore any of the physical boundaries which God has determined for him.

Job now immediately turned back to the fact of short human longevity. Man’s days are determined. His months have been fixed. And all his boundaries limited (Acts 17:36).

Man being of few days and full of trouble, Job pleads that God would not load him with uncommon afflictions. But rather leave him oppressed with no more than those natural to his short and suffering life.

The time of his life is determined. Even his months. And God has made His decisions, which may not be transgressed. Namely, as regards the continuation and end of his life.

The days of all humans have been closed. Namely in connection with the internal creatureliness of man described in the previous verses.

Man’s days are cut off. The number of his months is with God, and known by Him alone — because fixed by Him. He has set fixed bounds for him. Man cannot go beyond them!

The life of man is ever transitory, and full of trouble. Job affirmed God should pity him, and allow him to work out the brief period of its duration in quietness.

So, then — our total environment is pre-determined by God. For the Lord has appointed our boundaries, over which we cannot pass without His permission.

The total number of the months of the last year of our life, are with the Lord. And every single day of our life, is numbered!

Yes, man’s days are determined. And the very number of his months, are safe with God!