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Rev. Prof. Dr. F.N. Lee

Adventures With God – Parts 1 & 2

Below is the Introduction to Part 1 of this book.  To read the full text of Parts 1 and 2, click “Download” below.

This book is not an autobiography. For it does not even attempt to give an account of my whole life — warts and all. Indeed, I have written it chiefly for the sake of my own children — in order to remind them of their own “roots.”

Some who have read the rough draft and who know me, have suggested I should also include much I have omitted — and that I should expand greatly on what I have recorded. Others would have me exclude some of what I have written here.

I have taken all these advices on board. To an extent, I have followed some of them. Yet this now-finalized book is still very selective. For it attempts to record only matters I trust magnify the grace of God in my life.

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