Baptism Does Not Regenerate! – Calvinism Versus “Christening”


  76.  Justified and sanctified and washed in the Name of Jesus  77.  Believing parents rebuttably generate children that are holy  78.  Calvin: a holy parent rebuttably produces holy infants  79.  All the Israelitic fathers were baptized by the cloud  80.  All the Christians had been baptized and drenched  81.  Even 'baptism for the dead' undermines baptismal regenerationism  82.  No circumcisional nor baptismal regeneration in Galatians  83.  Galatians warned against false 'circumcisional regeneration'  84.  Paul to the Ephesians:  'one faith'  prior to  'one Baptism'  85.  Cleansing with the washing of the water, yet only by the Word  86.  Calvin's Ephesian sermons insist Baptism does not justify us  87.  Also the offspring of the Ephesian Christians were themselves "saints"  88.  Philippian Christians told: "We are the Circumcision!"  89.  Colossian Christians "circumcised" because baptized  90.  Women should rear and keep covenantal children in the faith  91.  The faith of Timothy and his mother and grandmother  92.  Timothy knew the Sacred Scriptures from his own fetushood onward  93.  Does Paul in Titus 3:5 teach baptismal regeneration?  94.  What Titus 3:5 means (and what it does not mean)  95.  Calvin's comment on this "washing of regeneration"  96.  God sprinkled our hearts before Baptism washed our bodies  97.  Noah was justified by faith before being baptized in the flood  98.  James and Peter:  regeneration by the will of God and not by Baptism  99.  Born again of incorruptible seed like newborn babies 100.  Baptism does not save by washing away carnal filth 101.  Baptism saves as an answer to God of a cleansed conscience 102.  Calvin's understanding of Baptism in First Peter 3:20f 103.  First Peter 3:20f in the Calvinistic Westminster Standards 104.  Noah preached God's righteousness before the baptismal flood 105.  First John on regeneration also in tenderest infancy 106.  Calvin's further comments on regeneration in First John 107.  Christ’s Book of Revelation to John contradicts baptismal regeneration 108.  Calvin said Sacraments strengthen faith already present 109.  Sacramentalism is just as wrong as anti-sacramentarianism 110.  Baptismal regenerationism is thoroughly false 111.  Baptism is given to strengthen faith already present 112.  The Covenant with Abraham proves Infant Baptism 113.  Calvin refuted the Anabaptist views against Paedobaptism 114.  Infant Circumcision foreshadowed Infant Baptism 115.  Even prenatal babies and infants all need to be born again 116.  Calvin disproves the rejection of Infant Baptism by Servetus 117.  Calvin's Catechisms on Baptism 118.  Baptism in Calvin's Liturgical Forms