Baptism Does Not Regenerate! – Calvinism Versus “Christening”

Calvin once wrote: "Doubtless the design of Satan, in assaulting Paedobaptism with all his forces, is to keep out of view and gradually efface that attestation of divine grace which the promise itself presents to our eyes."   Institutes IV:16:32.

May this piece of painstaking research into the Opera of Calvin, be used by the Spirit of God to make many a seeking soul conscious of the real meaning of the grace of God!

(Rev. Professor Dr.) F.J.M. Potgieter (Th.D., Ph.D.),  Professor-Emeritus of Systematic Theology, Reformed Theological Seminary, University of Stellenbosch, Republic of South Africa.

Note by Dr Lee: The late Rev. Professor Dr. F.J.M. Potgieter above was my teacher, and is the author of scores of Calvinistic publications.   His Th.D. dissertation was on Calvin, and he was an authority especially on Calvin's view of Baptism.  He taught me a great deal of what I ever learned.  Here I would not be innovative.  I just present Scripture and Calvinism, almost without comment.