Biblical Presbyterian Presbyteries

There is very great merit in seeing the Eternal Trinity — the One God with His many Members — as being the first and the last Presbytery.   He Himself is also the Foundation of all presbyterial government — and of His one Church with its many Presbyteries, all baptized into His Triune Name.1    The Triune God is a Presbytery.2     Also His Church should reflect this.3


A ‘Presbytery' (or Presbuteerion) is a group of Ruling Elders, including some Preaching Elders, which governs the Church of the Triune God.4   Such  may be either local, e.g., the Session; regional, e.g. the Classis, usually named ‘Presbytery'in English; provincial, e.g., the State Assembly; or the National, e.g., the Great Synod.