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Rev. Prof. Dr. F.N. Lee

Calvin on Islam

Now it should not be thought that Calvin was blind to the few commendable features of Islam.

Thus, in his Sermons on Deuteronomy (4:8), he frankly enjoined his Christian addressees: “Look upon the Turks [alias the Moslems]!   They have some reverence to their religion….   So have the Papists also….   Still, both of them are cut off from the Church of God — through their own fault.”1

Yet Dr. John Calvin nevertheless did not hesitate to brand Mohammad — as a false-prophet.  For in Deuteronomy 13:1-8, God warned His People: “If there arise among you a ‘prophet’ or a ‘dreamer of dreams’…, you shall not hearken to the words of that ‘prophet’ or that ‘dreamer of dreams’….   And that ‘prophet’ or that ‘dreamer of dreams’ shall be put to death.”   This, Calvin applies among others also to the founder of Islam (whom he regarded as a  false-prophet).

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