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Rev. Prof. Dr. F.N. Lee

Calvin on the Law

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The great Genevan Protestant, Rev. Prof. Dr. Jean Cauvin (or John Calvin), was almost unquestionably the godliest and also the most erudite lawyer-theologian since the Apostle Paul.   After receiving his M.A. degree Calvin engaged in advanced legal studies.

He did so, first under Pierre Taisan d’Etoile the greatest forensic mind in France.   He then studied further under the celebrated Italian jurist, Andrea Alciati.

In 1531, Calvin secured his Doctorate in Law.    He next studied Hebrew with Francois Vatable, Greek with Pierre Danes, and Holy Scripture with Lefevre d’Etaples.   Our very  famous French Reformer then went on to complete his Ph.D. degree (in Philosophy)  on Seneca’s De Clementia.

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