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Rev. Prof. Dr. F.N. Lee

Calvin Versus Idolatry

Extract from Calvin Versus Idolatry – To read the full text, click “Download” below.

“We know that the Son of God has come, and has given us an understanding so that we may know Him Who is true [viz. God the Father]; and we [Christians] are…in His Son Jesus [viz. the Spirit-anointed] Christ.   This is the true God — and everlasting life!   Little children, guard yourselves from the idols!”   First John 5:20-21.

It should carefully be noted that the above passage clearly presupposes the Triune God is the only True Deity.   He alone may be worshipped in terms of the First Commandment (in Exodus 20:1-3a).   That states: “God Triune (’Eloohiym) spoke all these words, saying: ‘I am the Lord your Triune God (Jehoovaah ’Elooheychaa) Who has brought you out…of bondage (so that} you shall have no other gods!’”

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