The Works of

Rev. Prof. Dr. F.N. Lee

Calvin Versus Idolatry

Especially Calvin comments:3657 “It is said [in First John 5:20] that Christ ‘hath given us an understanding’….   He shows us in the teaching of the Gospel of what kind is the true God — and also enlightens us by His Spirit….

“‘This is the true God.’   Although the [unitarian] Arians have tried to get round this passage…, we have here a remarkable title to the divinity of Christ….  The Father is the origin of life — but the fountain from which we must draw it, is [the Son] Christ [the Spirit-anointed One].”   Viz. the three divine Persons of the One True Triune God.

“‘Guard yourselves from idols!’ [First John 5:21]….   The Apostle not only condemns idolatry — but commands us to beware of all images [also of a Person of the Triune God]….

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