Calvinism on the Holy Spirit


"Calvin was a not a Trinitarian, but a Bini-tarian!" "The Protestant Reformer Calvin rejected the Catholic doctrine of the Trinity!" "To Calvin, only the Father and the Son were both Auto-Theos (or 'God Himself') — but not also the Holy Spirit!"

Worst of all.   "The pioneer Presbyterian Reformer John Calvin — just like the later Calvinistic Westminster Confession closely based upon his teaching — was very woefully inadequate in his doctrine of the Holy Spirit!"

False views such as the above, have had their impact on the old (Northern) Presbyterian Church in the United States of America.  Consequently, in 1903, it added its own following extra chapter ("XXXIV:I-IV" alias '34:1-4') — a chapter specifically on 'The Holy Spirit' — right at the very end of the historic and till then unsullied Westminster Confession of Faith.