Christ’s Great Commission and Infant Salvation

We need to look at Christ's Great Commission.   Just before He gave it, covenant children (paidas) had been praising Jesus.   He Himself had then insisted that God had perfected His praise — even out of the mouth of speech-less in-fants (nepia) and unweaned babies (thelazonta).   Indeed, He soon went on to assure especially the tiny children in Jerusalem that He loved them just as much as a mother hen loves her own little chickens.

Soon after that, Jesus obviously included such speech-less in-fants (and other children too) — among the God-praisers in "all the nations" to be baptized in terms of His Great Commission.   For, as Isaiah predicted of Him — "so shall He sprinkle many nations," and "He shall see His seed."   Hence, Jesus commanded His Ministers: "Disciple all the nations, baptizing them!"