The Works of

Rev. Prof. Dr. F.N. Lee

25 September

He who keeps on trusting in the Son, has everlasting life!

John 3:36

‘The Father loves the Son…. He that believes in the Son, has everlasting life…. He that does not believe in the Son shall not see life, but the wrath of God abides on him!’ John 3:35-36.

Calvin comments: “‘The Father loves the Son’…. Does He hate all others?… He is not speaking of the common love which God has to all men whom He has created…, but of that unique love which begins at the Son and flows from Him…. This love with which, loving the Son, He embraces us too in Him — is the cause of His communicating…His benefits to us by Christ’s hand….

“‘He that believes in the Son, (has everlasting life)!’…. We must seek all good things from Christ…. May we grasp the way…they are enjoyed!… This enjoying, consist of faith…. By it Christ is possessed Who brings with Himself both righteousness and faith, the fruit of righteousness…. Life is contained in Christ alone…. We become partakers…, only by the grace of Christ….

“The first thing to consider, is the free forgiveness of sins — through which it comes to pass that we are accepted by God…. On this alone is founded and consists the whole confidence of our salvation. For righteousness cannot be imputed to us before God, in any other way — than by His not imputing our sins to us.

“‘But he that does not believe in the Son, shall not see life…; the wrath of God abides on him!’… He adjudges to eternal death, all who do not believe in Christ…. Thus he magnifies God’s kindness, by warning us that there is no other escape from death but by Christ delivering us. This sentence depends on the fact that in Adam, we are all lost.

“But…it is Christ’s office, to save the lost! Those who reject the salvation offered in Him, deservedly remain in death…. This belongs peculiarly to those who reject the Gospel which has been made known to them…. Although the whole human race is involved in the same destruction, a heavier and double vengeance awaits those who refuse to have the Son of God as their Deliverer….

“Moreover, it is plain that all the righteousness which the world thinks it has outside Christ — is condemned and annihilated. Nor can anyone object that it is unfair for those who perish — simply because they do not believe. For it is vain to imagine that there is any holiness in men, unless it has been given them by Christ….

“No hope remains for us, unless we are delivered by Christ. He says that the wrath of God abides on unbelievers…. The word ‘abides’ is used to teach us that we were appointed to death from the womb — in that we are all born the children of wrath…. Death burdens all unbelievers, and holds them oppressed and overwhelmed in such a way that they can never escape…. Although the
reprobate are already naturally condemned, they bring on themselves a new death by their unbelief…. Those who shake off the saving yoke of God…, fetter themselves with the chains of death!”

However, he who keeps on trusting in the Son — has everlasting life! Do you?