The Works of

Rev. Prof. Dr. F.N. Lee

15 June

I shall not stay dead, but keep on living!

Psalm 118:17-25

“‘I shall not die, but keep on living — and declare the Lord’s works!… The Lord has…not given me over to death!… Open to me the gates of righteousness!… You have heard me, and…become my salvation! The Stone…the builders refused, has become the Headstone!… This is the day…the Lord has made!… We will rejoice!… Send now prosperity!’ Psalm 118:17-25.

Calvin comments: “It was the design of the Spirit…to describe the eternal and spiritual Kingdom of God’s Son…. David speaks like one emerging from the sepulchre! The very same person who says ‘I shall not die!’ — acknowledges that he was rescued from death…. He declares that ‘he would not die’ — because he regained life, all hope of which he had entirely abandoned.

“We whose life is hid with Christ in God, ought to meditate upon this song!… Colossians 3:3…. We who were surrounded with death, have risen to newness of life…. His chastisements, so far from being deadly, serve the purpose of a medicine which….renders us healthy and vigorous!…

“‘The Stone Which the builders rejected, has become the Head!’… ‘This is the day which Jehovah made!’ He…speaks of that (day of Christ’s resurrection), as a happy and pleasant day on which He was at last established King…. David., by way of eminence, calls that ‘the day of God’ — which, after a long period of darkness, had dawned for the weal of the Church….

“David was a type of Christ…. When David was constituted king — the foundation of that everlasting Kingdom which was eventually manifested in the advent of Christ, was then laid…. The eternal Kingdom given to Christ by God His Father, in consequence of which He obtained all power both in Heaven and on Earth…. All that is here stated, properly relates to the Person of Christ….

“The Prophet designates those ‘master-builders’ — who, so far from wishing the protection of the Church, aim at nothing so much as the demolition of the entire structure…. In our day also, the Pope and his filthy clergy who usurp the title of the priesthood, nevertheless continue….

“By the expression ‘has become the Headstone’ we are to understand the Real Foundation of the Church!… All that was accomplished in the Person of Christ, extends to the gradual development of His Kingdom — even until the end of the world…. ‘This is the day that God has made’ — reminds us that there will be nothing but the reign of moral darkness, until Christ the Sun of Righteousness illumines us!”.

Calvin also said in his Institutes III:4:32: “The Lord chastens his servants…. But does not give them over unto death (Psalm 118:18)!”

Calvin further said in his Psychopannychia: “They (the Anabaptists) act erroneously, in concluding…that saints after death desist from the praises of God!… To be in Paradise and live with God…is only to enjoy God; to feel His good will; and rest in Him…. ‘They shall not die, but live; and show forth the works of the Lord!’…. Psalm 118:17.” So, I shall not stay dead; but keep on living!