Daily Devotions

The Lord destroys, but not annihilates, even the wise!

Obadiah 8

‘Thus says the Lord GOD concerning Edom…. “Though you exalt yourself like the eagle and…set your nest among the stars — I will bring you down!… Shall I not in that day…even destroy the wise men out of Edom — and (the men of) understanding out of the mount of Esau?… But upon Mount Zion shall be deliverance!… And the Kingdom, shall be the LORD’s!’ Obadiah 1-21.

Even if the ‘wise’ ungodly who think they have ‘understanding’ soar up to the stars — God will bring them down and destroy them! And even if the humble godly stay in the lowlands — God will lift them up everlastingly!

Calvin comments: “This prophecy…denounced on the Idumeans a near destruction. And then promises a restoration to the chosen people of God!…

“The Prophet now laughs to scorn the Idumeans, because they relied on their own fortresses…. You ‘dwell,’ he says…’in the clefts of the stone’…, between the windings of the rock…within the ranges of mountains….

“Though their region was exceedingly well fortified, yet the Idumeans were great deceived and indulged themselves in vain delusions. ‘If you should raise up your seat…like the eagle…, and if you should set your nest among the clouds (or even among the stars) — I will drag you down,’ says Jehovah!…

“He at length concludes thus: ‘There is no intelligence in him!’…. The Prophet…derides in an indirect way the foolish confidence with which the Idumeans were blinded….

“They thought themselves to be in a superlative degree wary, so that they had no reason to fear — as they could see afar off, and arrange their concerns with the utmost ‘prudence’…. They thought that they excelled in ‘wisdom’!…. The Prophet says here, that there would be no ‘understanding’ in them!….

“He immediately subjoins the reason. ‘Shall I not in that day,’ says Jehovah, ‘destroy’ or extinguish ‘the “wise” from Edom?’…. The Idumeans…could thus in a moment be overthrown….

“‘Can I not,’ He says, ‘put an end to whatever there is of ‘wisdom’ in the Idumeans? Can I not destroy all their ‘prudent’ men? This will I do!’…

“‘But upon Mount Zion shall be deliverance!… Obadiah clearly promises that there would be a restoration of the Church!… Christ came…and became our Saviour in a special manner…. It was God’s purpose to rule among His people…, after having restored them in no other way than by the power of Christ…. The Kingdom of Christ, would be Jehovah’s!”

The Lord destroys those who think they are wise; but Christ saves His Church that trusts Him!