Daily Devotions

The Lord will not cut us off for ever, but show compassion!

Lamentations 3:31-34

‘The Lord will not cast off for ever!… Though He causes grief, yet He will have compassion according to the multitude of His mercies! For He does not willingly afflict nor grieve the children of men, to crush under His feet all the prisoners of the Earth!’ Lamentations 3:31-34.

Calvin comments: “The Lord will not cast off for ever!’… There will be no patience, except there be hope!… As then patience cherishes hope, so hope is the foundation of patience….

“This is the doctrine which the Prophet now handles — that the faithful bear the yoke with meek and calm minds…. The faithful are persuaded that all adversities are temporary, and that there will be a happy end — because God will…be reconciled to them!…

“‘Though He causes grief, yet will He have compassion — according to the multitude of His mercies’…. God has promised this to His Own Church…. All things turn out for good and for salvation to the children of God, when they embrace this truth…. They restrain themselves and do not despond; nor are they overwhelmed with despair….

“God…will again show us compassion, even ‘according to the multitude of His mercies!’… The Prophet…set before them…(God’s) mercies, in the plural!… It could not be that God should deny Himself…. Thus, He would always be merciful to His people…. Otherwise, His mercy would be obliterated…. That mercy which is inseparable from His eternal essence and divinity….

“We shall never lose the hope of salvation!…. ‘For He does not afflict willingly, nor grieve’…. God takes no delight in the evils or miseries of men…. God does ‘not afflict — from His heart!’… If a father desires to benefit his own children and deals kindly with them — what ought we to think of our heavenly Father?… God never punishes men, except when He is constrained…. The Prophet here addresses only the faithful…. This privilege peculiarly belongs to God’s children (alone)!…

“Grant, Almighty God, that as it is expedient for us to be daily chastised by Your hand — we may willingly submit to You and not doubt but that You will be faithful and not (re)prove us with too much rigour! But that You will consider our weakness, so that we may thus calmly bear all Your chastisements — until we shall at length enjoy that perfect blessedness which is now hidden to us under hope…until Christ Your Son shall reveal it at His coming!…

“As we are at this day tossed here and there by so many troubles, and almost all things in the world are in confusion so that wherever we turn our eyes nothing but thick darkness meets us — O grant that we may learn to surmount all obstacles and to raise our eyes by faith about the world, so that we may acknowledge that…we may seek You and know that help will be ready for us through Your mercy whenever we humbly seek the pardon of our sins through Christ Jesus our Lord!”

The Lord will not cut us off for ever, but show compassion! To you too?