Daily Devotions

There is no healing of your bruise!

Nahum 3:19

‘God is jealous!… The LORD avenges, and is furious! The LORD will take vengeance on His adversaries, and He reserves wrath for His enemies! The LORD…will not at all acquit the wicked!.. Who can stand before His indignation? And who can abide, in the fierceness of His anger?… They shall be devoured like fully dry stubble!… I will make your grave!… There is a multitude of slain; and a great number of carcases…. There is no end of their corpses!… There is no healing of Your bruise! Your wound is grievous!’ Nahum 1:2 to 3:19.

Calvin comments: “Nahum begins with the nature of God…. He shows, in a general way, what sort of Being God is…. He says first, that ‘God is jealous’…. He calls Him…the Avenger — and he repeats this three times…. This awful description of God, is to be applied to the present case!…

“God means that He would cleanse the filth and defilement of His Church…. But…He will not clear…the reprobate…. ‘Who can stand before His indignation?… His fury is poured out like fire!’…. To be poured forth here, is nothing else than to be scattered far and wide…. It advances every moment, as when a fire seizes a whole forest….

“‘They shall be devoured as fully dry stubble!’…. There would be nothing to prevent God from consuming the enemies of His Church. For He would make dry their whole vigour…. They would differ nothing from stubble; and that very dry…, so that it will easily take fire…. ‘I will appoint your sepulchre (or make your grave)!… For you are execrable (or vile)!’….

“‘There is a multitude of slain; and a great number of carcases…. There is no end of their corpses; they stumble upon their corpses!’… All the roads would be full of dead bodies…. The enemies could not enter, without treading on them everywhere!…

“‘There is no healing!… Your wound is grievous!’… An incurable evil…. Every hope of a remedy, would be taken away…. He compares the ruin…, to a wound which cannot be…healed!…

“Grant, Almighty God, that inasmuch as You see Your enemies at this day raging with cruel…diabolic fury against Your Church, we may find You to be the same as the faithful in all former ages had found You — even a Defender of the safety of those who truly and with a sincere heart call on You!… Do…this day…so restrain the fury…, that the wicked may at length really find even to their ruin that they fight not with miserable mortals…but with Your ineffable power…. There is nothing permanent in this world…. The things which seem the firmest, tend to ruin and instantly fall and of themselves vanish away when by Your Breath You shake that strength in which men trust…. By Your awful judgments, You…show Your displeasure at the pride of this world…. May we not experience Your dreadful power in our destruction…, until we at length be gathered into that celestial Kingdom where we shall triumph together with Your Son when His glory shall shine in us — and all the wicked shall be destroyed!”

For there is no healing of your bruise! Except through the blood of Jesus as your Saviour!