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Rev. Prof. Dr. F.N. Lee

Everlasting Rest: Sabbaths Old and New

Extract and overview of Everlasting Rest: Sabbaths Old and New – The Lord’s Day Covenant Till the Unending Day of Glory – to read the full work, click “Download” below.

After God Triune created the Universe out of nothing, He formed our Earth in six days. Then He rested on His Seventh Day throughout world history, until the advent of Sunday the Lord’s Day on God’s Eighth Day — announcing the Day of Judgment or the Day of the Lord.

  1. The Pre-Mosaic weekly sabbath.
  2. The Mosaic Old Testament sweeps through to the New Testament finale.
  3. The New Testament life of Christ the Second Adam and Lord of the Sabbath.
  4. Christ’s resurrection as the hinge of history.
  5. The sabbath on Christ’s Sunday resurrection.
  6. The sabbath from Christ’s resurrection till Pentecost Sunday.
  7. From Pentecost Sunday till the endless Day of the Lord.


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