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Rev. Prof. Dr. F.N. Lee

Holy Scripture’s Holy Spirit: Testing What Some Claim to be God’s Spirit Against What He Himself Says in His Written Word

Excerpt from Holy Scripture’s Holy Spirit – To read the full text, click “Download” below.

Let it be said at the outset that God the Holy Spirit and all His works are hugely bigger than thought to be by Pentecostalists and by Neo-Pentecostalists.   The Spirit and His works are also much greater than even most Anti-Pentecostalists deem them to be.

For the Spirit is God.   And God is in Heaven, while we are only on Earth.   Therefore our words about Him should be few.  Indeed, we should confine our words about Him.   Basically, we should do so by but repeating His Own words about Himself.

Now the Holy Ghost is God Himself.  He, the Holy Spirit, is the Third Person  of the Triune God Jehovah Elohim.

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