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Rev. Prof. Dr. F.N. Lee

JeHoVaH, YaHWeh and the Lord-Jesus: A study in the history of doctrine anent God’s name JHVH

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Above is a picture of part of a stained-glass window such as is occasionally found in some mediaeval churches.   A friend once asked about the meaning of God’s Older Testament Hebrew name (as in the picture).   Should it be translated as ‘Lord’?   And what is the Hebrew pronunciation of this tetragrammaton [JHVH], at Genesis 2:4 and in Exodus [3:2-16 & 6:2]?”

I replied JHVH is probably to be derived from parts of the future and present and past participles of the Hebrew verb for “to be.”    JeHoVaH would then, as Je- + -ho- + -vah, be from Jihyeh + Hoveh + Havah.   It would thus mean the One Who always shall be Whom He is and always has been.   See too John 8:58 and Revelation 1:4 & 1:8 & 4:8 & 11:17 & 16:5. Then, it would not originate from the vowels of ’A:donaay (the Hebrew word meaning “lord”) – as especially modern Non-Christian Judaists and many other recent Non-Judaistic Scholars maintain, who thus confuse the word JHVH’s transmission with its origin.

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