JeHoVaH, YaHWeh and the Lord-Jesus: A study in the history of doctrine anent God’s name JHVH

Yet according to Gratz College’s Rabbi Solomon Grayzell,7 Karaism is "a sect within Judaism which rejects talmudic authority….   Karaism originated among the Babylonian Jews….    Large numbers of Babylonian Jews had shown rebelliousness against the burdens imposed by rabbinic law….   Adherents were advised to spurn tradition, but to search for truth in the Bible….   They became known as Beneey Mikrah or Karaim, ‘Readers of the Scriptures’ – while the adherents of tradition came to be known as Rabbanites, adherents of the rabbis. The attack of Karaism…had a wholesome effect on Jewish thought.   It brought about…a purging of Judaism from many superstitions" (emphases mine).