John’s Historicistic Epistles

     Accordingly, "He is the Propitiation for our sins — and not for ours only, but also for the sins of the whole World."5517   For Jesus the eternal Son of God was no mere Son of Judah — no mere tribal Saviour of the Jews alone.   To the contrary.   He was indeed the Second Adam alias the Son of man and the Saviour of the World5518 — the Saviour of all Nations everywhere.5519   Indeed, the very ends of the Earth would yet turn to Him.5520 

     Jesus died for a vast multitude.5521   Indeed, even if He had intended to redeem every single human being who ever lived and who ever shall live — He would not have suffered any more than He did.   Thus, the shedding of His most precious blood5522 was certainly sufficient to save the entire human race.