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Rev. Prof. Dr. F.N. Lee

Revealed to Babies: Jesus on Saving Faith in Pre-baptized Covenantal Babies

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on being converted to Christ — just like that particular converted and continually converting covenantal child then in their very midst.   Matthew 18:1-6 cf. Luke 22:31-34 and Acts 1:15f & 2:14-21 & 2:38-39.

Twelfth.   That particular converted covenantal child had become a believer in Jesus.  Indeed, he or she was now associated with all those who believe (whether infants or adults) .

Thirteenth.   That believing little child was no longer one of that other group of little children and adults who do not believe and who are therefore still “lost.”   Matthew 18:11. [The Non-Reformed Evangelical Scholar John Inchley (op. cit. p. 42) here ignores this verse (in the Textus Receptus and D and other Greek manuscript copies), and assumes that this verse is but an “interpolation” from Luke 19:10; but here he overlooks Matthew 9:13 & 10:6 & 15:34, while inadvertently disclosing his own inadequate hamartiology and soteriology at this particular point.]

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