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Rev. Prof. Dr. F.N. Lee

Sunbeams at Sunsets


The development of this work, has had an interesting history.   In 1989, while lecturing from Australia via the United States around the world, I was on a ‘plane from London to South Africa.   The purpose of that trip, was for me (an only child) to visit my aged parents (see their photo on our front page) — for what I then correctly anticipated might well be the last time here on Earth.

I wanted later to leave something of value with my octogenarian father and mother when I left them in February 1990.   So, on the ‘plane, I made a list referring to 366 passages from every book of the Bible –one for each day of the year (also for leapyears), which deal with old age.   In fact, I even ‘oversubscribed’ that list to 400 entries — which surely shows that the Bible has more than enough to encourage old folk!

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