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Rev. Prof. Dr. F.N. Lee

The Protestant Reformation on Sabbath-Keeping

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“If Adam had stood in his innocency, yet he would have kept the seventh day holy. That is, on that day he would have taught his children and children’s children what was the will of God, and wherein His worship did consist. He would have praised God, given thanks, and offered [or brought gifts to the Lord]. On the other days, he would have tilled his ground and looked after his cattle….

“Adam was to gather with his descendants on the Sabbath at the tree of life…and, when they had together eaten of the tree of life, to preach (i.e. to proclaim God and His praises and the glory of creation)…, and to exhort them to a holy and sinless life and to a faithful tilling and keeping of the garden…. Therefore the Sabbath was, from the beginning of the world, appointed to the worship of God.”1

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