The Protestant Reformation on Sabbath-Keeping

"But the world sees how all things are unhallowed — insomuch that most folk have no regard at all of their [ab]using that day which was ordained to withdraw us from all earthly cares and affairs so that we might give ourselves wholly unto God…. It were a poor thing if we did not remember God's benefits except upon the Lord's Day! But because we be occupied too much about our own affairs on the other days — therefore we be not so much given to serve God in them, as upon the day which is assigned wholly thereunto.

"The Lord's Day must serve us for a tower to mount up into; to view God's works afar off; as a time wherein we have nothing to let [or hinder us] but that we may employ all our wits to consider the benefits and gracious gifts that He has bestowed…. Considering God's works upon