The Protestant Reformation on Sabbath-Keeping

"There was a peculiar reason calling for a particular observance of the Sabbath…. It was not then for the first time given to the Israelites when God gave them the Law of Moses, but had been enjoined upon all men from the very beginning of the world by God Himself — although this precept had been lost sight of by other nations….

"The Sabbath…was appointed by God from the very beginning of the world, to declare that men after His example should rest from their labours…. Although the ceremonial sabbath has been abolished in the New Testament, yet the Moral [Sabbath] still continues and pertains to us as well as to others. For there is now just as much necessity for a certain time to be set apart in the Christian Church for the preaching of God's Word and for the public administration of the sacaments as there was formerly in the Jewish Church….