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Rev. Prof. Dr. F.N. Lee

What Does the Book of Revelation Mean?

Extract from the Foreword of What Does the Book of Revelation Mean? – To read the full text, click “Download” below.

This small volume, What Does the Book of Revelation Mean?, is a synopsis of the Historicist method of interpreting biblical prophecy through the eyes of Scripture, John Calvin, and the Westminster Assembly Commissioner, the Rev.Dr. Thomas Goodwin.

Here, Dr. Lee points out the rich, prophetic faith of our forefathers in succinct fashion. John’s Revelation is a pre-written history of the Church and her struggle against the forces of Antichristian tyranny from 70 AD onward to the present. Finally, Dr. Lee presents us with the glorious hope of the Church’s ultimate triumph over  Antichrist (the Papacy) and the Islamic menace.

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