What Does the Book of Revelation Mean?

Rev. Prof. Dr. John Calvin was an historicalist.   Cf. his views on Daniel 7:7-27 to 12:13 and Second Thessalonians 2:2-8.   If he had only lived long enough to write a commentary also on the very last chapters of the Bible, in the Book of Revelation — it is clear (also from the insights of Calvinists after him) that he too would have shared many of their views even on that last Book of the Holy Scriptures.   For his own views and predictions about God's destruction of Heathenism and Islam and Romanism and the entry of both Jews and Gentiles everywhere into His Kingdom, are adequately apparent.   Those views can be collected from his Institutes, his Letters, his Tracts, his Treatises — and especially from his Commentaries and/or Sermons on Deuteronomy, Job, Isaiah, Daniel, John, Romans, Galatians, Second Thessalonians, Second Timothy and First John (whose writer wrote also the Book of Revelation).