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Rev. Prof. Dr. F.N. Lee

Women and Church Eldership

Thus, the prophesying woman Miriam — the first prophesying woman ever mentioned in the Bible — led only the women of Israel to praise the Lord. Ex 15:2021. Nor are we ever told that Miriam was formerly installed into the prophetic office


– 6

— as the male ‘Seers’ or ‘Prophets’ were, and as e.g. Elisha was (I Sam. 9.9 & I Kgs. 19:16-21).

Significantly, when she later unrighteously sought to usurp Moses’ leadership, Miriam (and not even Aaron her co-instigator) was smitten with leprosy — until the Prophet Moses prayerfully secured her restoration (Num. 12:1-5). Again, we need not spend any time dealing with “false-prophetesses” like Noadiah and “that woman ‘Jezebel'” — for reasons that should be obvious (Neh. 6.14 & Rev. 2.20).

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