The Works of

Rev. Prof. Dr. F.N. Lee

Women and Church Eldership

To the contrary, Paul wrote what he did — precisely in order to encourage the Gentile churches to DISengage from the actually “UNrestrictive” or LOOSE pagan practices they had sadly fallen into. For the Church at Corinth and elsewhere — just like very many churches today — had fallen into the unbiblical trap of the “women’s emancipation movement” of the surrounding pagan society, with all of its truly heathen prophetesess and priestesses. Acts 16:16-21 & 19:24-35 cf. Rev. 2:20 & Neh. 6:14 etc.


Paul found it necessary, under divine inspiration, TO COMMAND ALL of the Christian men and women that were doing so, to cease allowing women to preach and to rule in the congregation — lest the turmoil and confusion already there, should worsen. Immediately, then, after issuing this divine prohibition — Paul adds, and not without sarcasm (I Cor. 14:36): “What? Did the Word of God come forth FROM you? Or did it not only come TO you?!”

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