The Christian Manifesto of 1984

Foreword to The Christian Manifesto of 1984 -To continue reading the full work, click “Download” below. Except for the Christian Bible, the Communist Manifesto (by Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels) is by far the most influential book ever written.  Its publication instantly triggered the 1848 revolutions in Italy, Germany, Austria, Hungary and France, and the […]

The Central Significance of Culture

Foreword to F. N. Lee’s The Central Significance of Culture – To read the full work, click “Download” below. The word culture is very familiar to the South African ear. However, whether we always understand the full meaning and scope of culture is another matter. And it is clear that we do not always take […]

Calvin on the Sciences

This is the Preface to F. N. Lee’s Calvin on the Sciences, written by Professor J. M. Potgieter.  To read the full work, click “Download” below. PREFACE: Nothing would have displeased the Reformer of Geneva more than if one were to write: Another publication inspired by John Calvin! If ever a man realized that he […]

The Non-Preterist Historicalism of John Calvin and the Westminster Standards

Extract from The Non-Preterist Historicalism of John Calvin and the Westminster Standards – To read the full text, click “Download” below. Futurism teaches that most Biblical predictions will only start being fulfilled in the yet-future (such as after a questionable future “rapture” of the Church before or during a questionable future “great tribulation”). Both Historicalism […]

25 Theses for a 21st Century Reformation

1. The Triune God alone is Sovereign (Gen. 1:1-26; John 17:1-24; 15:26f).   2. The Triune God will not share His Sovereignty with any creature (Isa. 40:9-26).   3. Before the Triune God, the universe, the Church, the nation, and all Christian leaders pale into utter insignificance. All of them are merely “unworthy servants.”   […]

Brothers Because of Bloodshed

FROM ATHEIST TO CHRISTIAN MINISTERMy heart has ever been prone to wander away from my God — ever since my conception. Shortly after my birth, I was baptized and sealed in the Name of the Triune God — as His property. Then I was raised in the Roman Catholic Church by my religious yet unconverted […]

Antichrist in Scripture

Copyright 1997. Short Summary of the findings, extracted from a message given at the 1997 Blue Banner Conference.   Let us now shortly summarize the above teachings of Holy Scripture, Martin Luther and Calvinistic Protestantism. 1. About 540 B.C., Daniel predicted the cessation of all new prophesying around the time of Christ’s death. This, Daniel […]

An Abridgement of Dr. N. Lee’s Holy Harvests

Wrote Professor-Emeritus Rev. Dr. Harold J. Whitney: “Perhaps the greatest feature of the Reformed Church life [in South Africa], is its annual ‘Pentecost Meetings’ — which begin with Ascension Day, and go on for ten days…. People are invited by…their Ministers to ‘hear the infallible Word of God’ — before the Scriptures are read…. Thousands […]

The Repudiation of Anabaptism by the Dutch Ex-Anabaptist Leader Obbe Philips

The famous Dutch Anabaptist Obbe Philips was [re-]baptized in 1533 — and himself [re-]baptized and ordained the famous David Joris in 1534 and Menno Simons around 1536. So renowned did Obbe become, that the Dutch Anabaptists were often called Obbenites. After Obbe later withdrew from his own Obbenites, Menno Simons took over the leadership of […]

The Sins of Adult Rebaptism and of Leaving One’s Babies Unbaptised

According to both Holy Scripture and the Westminster Standards, rebaptism is a sin. It is a transgression of the Law of God. For the Decalogue commands that God be worshipped only in the authorized way — and not through any ‘graven images’ (such as rebaptism) contrary to His revealed will. In Old Testament times, bodily […]