Biblical View of Human Cloning

BIBLICAL VIEW OF HUMAN CLONING — Rev. Prof.-Emeritus Dr. N. Lee Human Genetic Engineering (or HGE) embraces a variety of life-promoting procedures. All of them purport to “create” or to “improve” the human race in a pre-conception-al setting. HGE is not concerned with either post-conception-al or post-natal surgery (such as that involved in the cutting […]

Presbyterian Baptism in Noah’s Flood

It is interesting to see how the Neo-Catastrophist Henry Morris perceived Noah’s Flood — through his own spectacles of baptistic immersionism.   There, he forgot it was only the unbaptized wicked who were totally submersed  – and that it was only Noah’s family that was baptized, precisely by sprinkling from above. In his book The Beginning […]

God’s Methods for Christianising Our Modern World

God has not left us in the dark as to how to overcome Anabaptist (and all other deleterious) influences even in our modern World!   Those methods are:  firstly, the powerful preaching of the Gospel; secondly, the ‘improving’ (or daily living-out) of one’s own baptism; thirdly, the joyful outworking of the preached Word of God; fourthly, […]

Women and Church Eldership

1. THE GENERAL MINISTRY OF ALL BELIEVERS Every human being, regardless of age or gender, should be involved in serving God as a “minister” or diakonos. Rom. 13:4 & I Tim. 1:12 and esp. I Pet. 4:10-11. And every Christian person (at his or her baptism) has been anointed and appointed to the general ministry […]

What Does the Book of Revelation Mean?

Dedicated to the Heroes of the Faith throughout the Centuries. 5 Foreword       The Historicism Research Foundation is pleased to bring you this booklet by the Rev. Professor Dr. Francis Nigel Lee. I had the privilege of meeting Dr. Lee in May of 1999 during his tour of the United States. I was impressed with his […]

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