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Rev. Prof. Dr. F.N. Lee

The Non-Preterist Historicalism of John Calvin and the Westminster Standards

Futurism teaches that most Biblical predictions will only start being fulfilled in the yet-future (such as after a questionable future “rapture” of the Church before or during a questionable future “great tribulation”). Both Historicalism and Preterism firmly and rightly oppose Futurism. However, they also oppose one another.

Preterism teaches that most Biblical predictions were finally fulfilled within the same generation in which they were given. In its extreme form, this would mean that the promised “seed” in the Protevangelium of Genesis 3:15 refers neither to Christ nor to Christians but solely to Abel (and to other ‘good’ descendants of Eve within her lifetime). In its extreme form, it would also mean that the final coming of Christ referred to in Matthew chapter 24 and Second Thessalonians chapter 1 already occurred during the apostolic age.

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