Biblical View of Human Cloning

1981: genetic engineering questions raised by R.T. Missenden

A whole host of important questions raised by Rev. R.T. Missenden in his paper against human engineering, aptly illustrate the undesirability of any kind of genetic guesswork in respect of human beings. Thus he asked:

“Should applicants for a marriage licence be required to present a genetic history? Should those with ‘suspect’ heredities submit to genetic testing?

“Should known carriers of certain diseases be forbidden to marry? Should retarded and insane persons be sterilised? Should a retarded woman who gets pregnant, be given an abortion against her wishes?” And — thus F.N. Lee — should a non-retarded woman who gets pregnant by a man she regards as normal but other people regard as retarded, be forced into an abortion?

Missenden continued to ask: “Should insurance companies rate policyholders on the basis of their genes? Should genetic profiles be required for job applicants? Should the federal government have on file genetic records for national health planning?