Calvin versus Child Communion

In this chapter, we shall here see that Calvin entertained no Communion for uncatechized Pre-Adolescents.   He had strong exegetical objections to Paedocommunion all the way from the Book of Genesis to the Book of Revelation, and he demonstrated that the Ante-Nicene Church catechized its youth before admitting them to Communion.   Indeed, he alleged that her Overseers even laid hands on her catechized youth before first eucharizing them at teenage

To Calvin, Paedocommunion was a Post-Nicene and indeed an Early-Mediaeval ecclesiastical error.   Even in the West, it went hand in hand with the papist perversion of pseudo-confirmation.  That was a species of mediaeval sacramentalism which mauled the manumission (or laying on of hands) of earlier and healthier centuries.