Calvin’s View of Life: The Meaning of All Existence to John Calvin

Yet the Logos also gives life through created agents, such as the sun.   "How admirably does it foster and invigorate all animals by its heat, and fertilize the Earth by its rays, warming the seeds of grain in its lap, and thereby calling forth the verdant blade!   This it supports, increases, and strengthens with additional nurture.   Till it rises into the stalk and still feeds it with perpetual moisture, till it comes into flower; and from flower to fruit which it continues to ripen till it attains maturity.

"In like manner, by its warmth, trees and vines bud, and put forth first their leaves, then their blossom, then their fruit.   And the Lord, so that He might claim the entire glory of these things as His Own – was pleased that light should exist and that the Earth should be replenished with all kinds of herbs and fruits before He made the sun!"18